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Who Am I

Cloud Architect, Data Architect, Professional Trainer & High-Energy Technocrat

Have done some serious tech stuff. Worn many hats throughout my career. I stand at the forefront of the fastest moving technology trend: Cloud Services, Data Analytics & DevOps. I have spent the past eleven years evangelizing from a role in engineering to architecture and design in AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI. If I am not watching any video tutorials or helping a customer putting off fires then you can find him at the gym trying to lean out.


Cloud Architect

Around 6 years of experience in designing solutions on the cloud, to building infrastructure on cloud to conducting cloud assessments to executing large scale cloud migrations. Skilled and Certified in AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Data Architect

Around 10 years of experience in designing highly available database infrastructure both on-Prem and cloud using Microsoft SQL Server. Deft at analysing OLTP\OLAP needs, evaluating requirements, designing ETL pipelines, and building data warehouses using Snowflake and other Data Platform products.

Certified Trainer

Google Cloud Authorized Trainer and AWS Authorized Instructor with over 1000+ hours of corporate trainings delivered till date. Experience in designing cloud architecture related educational programs and training content.

DevOps Engineer

Experience with implementing CICD Pipelines using cloud native developer tools and skilled in writing infrastructure as code using Terraform or cloud-formation. Also, have hands-on experience with docker and kubernetes.

My Expertise

10+ years of comprehensive skills & knowledge in

Cloud Architect (AWS, GCP, Azure), Containers (Docker and Kubernetes), Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, Cloudformation), Cloud Migration (Discovery, Assessment, Planning and Execution), DevOps (Developer Tools), Coding (PowerShell, Python, SQL), Databases (SQL Server, Snowflake, RDS, CloudSQL, AzureSQL etc), and ETL.

Cloud Design

Adroit in designing cloud infrastructure and implementing technologies to support large user groups. Deft at analysing system needs, evaluating end-user requirements, designing and building cloud solutions for scalable n-tier architecture or event-driven microservices based architecture.

Cloud Migration

From successful discovery of resources, to cloud assessment, to migration planning, to execution of successful cloud migrations, I have done it all. Is it Lift-and-Shift? Or do you want to optimize your solution for cloud? Do you need to Re-Architect you entire infrastructure to get the maximum benefit of cloud? Again, Have done it all.


Successful implementation of CICD pipelines using AWS Developer Tools. Built self service portals to provision infra using terraform, cloud-formation and\or PowerShell. Developed auto provisioning of SAAS products for customer deployments. Worked on transformation projects to move workloads to Docker containers and run them on Kubernetes.

Enterprise Data Platform

Design and build OLTP solutions using Microsoft SQL Server as database back-end. Massive experience in Database Administration for SQL Server. Helped customers design and built data warehouses using cloud platforms and\or snowflake. Well versed with designing and implementing ETL pipelines for warehousing projects.

HA\DR Blueprints

Need DR assessment and implementation for your on-prem infrastructure on cloud? Need DR as code on cloud? Don't know which cloud is the best to host or DR? Need to adhere to strict RTO's and RPO's for you DR on Cloud? Need HA\DR solution for Microsoft SQL Server either on-prem or on cloud? Well lets just say that this is my bread and butter.

Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation could be a major undertaking and to figure out the best provider could be challenging. Maybe you are considering to implement a multi-cloud or multi-tenant environment and don't know where to start or how to create a complex network setup to meet your goals. Well, I am still learning, but few successful implementations do have to count for something.

Recent Works

Here are some of my projects I have done lately. Feel free to check them out.

Google Cloud

Large Scale Migration

Coming Soon

Conducted a large scale cloud migration assessment, presented TCO analysis and business case to migrate to Google Cloud. Worked with the client to design and implement an enterprise scale migration to Google Cloud Compute Engine. Please see sample migration design document above for reference.

Microsoft Azure

Enterprise Data Platform

Coming Soon

Engaged with a customer to design, engineer and develop data warehouse solution using Microsoft Azure and Snowflake to help them expand into analytics and loyalty programs. Worked on designing and creating ETL pipelines for ingesting daily and modified data from existing Point of Sale systems. Implement data pipelines to keep the data mart up-to-date for near-realtime reporting needs.

Microsoft Azure

Microservices Architecture

Sample Projects

Sample microservices architecture design. Helped a customer to re-architect their application for Azure Cloud. The application components were broken down into several micrsoservices and then containered to be hosted on Azure Kubernetes Engine.

Amazon Web Services

Serveless Mobile Application

Coming Soon

Sample design for a serverless mobile application hosted on AWS. Helped a customer design a serverless mobile application on top of their existing web application infrastructure hosted on AWS Cloud.

Microsoft SQL Server

PowerShell Automation

Project Link

Have written many health checks and reviews for SQL Server using PowerShell to be used internally. Making those projects and scripts external now for public use. Eg. SQL Server Storage Review, SQL Server Security Review. Checkout the Project link for the git repo I will be maintaining going forward for the same.

Amazon Web Services


Sample Project

Helped customers build CICD pipelines using AWS Developer tools. Here is a sample implementation to get you started.

Infrastructure as Code


Sample Projects

Helped customers build infrastructure on cloud platforms using Terraform. Check out the blog link for recent implementations.


T-SQL, Powershell, Python

Sample Code

Helped customers automate tasks using PowerShell and Python. Also, worked on data transformations using SQL.

I have been busy preparing for certification exams and gathering accreditations. Here is list of all badges I have earned and maintained.

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